After the great time we had at IoTHackDay.MN 2015, there have been calls for a Spring IoT Hackathon. So here it is!  Join one of the Submitted Projects, or enter your own project idea.  There is no charge to register as a participant for the Mother's Day Make-A-Thon, simply click on the button to the right.  

Here are some great examples of projects from IoTHackDay 2015 back in October.

IoTHackDay2015 Projects


May 7th, 2016

Submission Deadline

April 24th, 2016


Leonardo's Basement Logo

Hackathon Vision Statement

Event Goals

What If I Want to Participate But Not Hack/Make?

Register here and show up at 8PM for public voting:

Table of Experts On-Site 

This time around, we are expanding the, "marketing table," concept out to include an entire table of experts who can help with various technologies that you may need to build your device! 

Table of Experts

Mechanical Hardware / CAD / Design & Manufacturing

Nick Velander


Dale BroseCertified Google Partner

iOS Developer

Jaim Zuber (Jaim's Podcast)

Android Developer

Theo Kanning

Ruby on Rails Developer


Logo Designer

Jake Berendes

GitHub Pages Designer



Do you have an ideas? You are eligiable. Anyone can enter #iotmdm

Not interested in being on a team and competing, but would like to attend and see the outcome and vote on the winner?

Register here:


The submission requirements are very relaxed. Send in a short response on what you are planning to create that day in 12 hours. You are open and encouraged to build modules and what you need ahead of time and be able to prepare yourself for success. The competition is all about not only the product you have envisioned and created, but additionally how much you have been able to build that day. The more you can build to what you orginally spec'ed and share with the group the better chance you have to win.

Hackathon Sponsors


$840 in prizes

Intel Compute Sticks, Electric Imp Kits, Arduino Uno Clones, Seeed Studio $20 Gift Certificate (2)

The Intel Compute Stick is a USB-Sized device which can turn any screen into a fully-functioning computer.

Light Blue Bean + Uno R3 MainBoard (Arduino Clones), + Seeed Studio $20 Gift Certificates

Uno R3 MainBoard (Arduino Clones), + Seeed Studio $20 Gift Certificates (5)

Arduino R3 Clone Boards! Gift Certificate from Seeed Studio!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. If you want to Participate in the hackathon and join a team, Register here:
  2. If you want to start new team, submit your project here:
  3. If you just want to come for the voting at the end of the day, register here:

After hacking for 12 hours, at 8:00 pm on May 7th we will have an audience vote were the top teams receive hardware and prizes! 




Judging Criteria

  • Awesomeness

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